Friday, October 3, 2014

Beer-backpacking the Pisgah trail!

This would be fun!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crank Up Cincy, a Bike Poster show

2 years ago I submitted a few posters to this event, and this year I am happy to announce that I am helping organize the event!

We are gathering Cincy artists and designers who have created rad bike posters and putting them on display during Bike Month at Coffee Emporium.

BikeArt Poster Show 2012 from CinéCinnati on Vimeo.

#crankupcincy  #bikeposters

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Indiana Banana Training Camp 2014

Bjet and I are heading to Brown County for a family training camp weekend sometime soon. I have been sick for the past month and I can't wait to get back on the bike! Brown County has a plethora of options. For MTB there is obviously Brown County trails but also Nebo Ridge. If it's wet we will hit the fire roads of Hoosier National Forest. And if it's really bad we could hit the Columbus Architectural Tour and the bike trails. So last year I rode 500+ miles in January alone. This year I have barely ridden over 500 miles total. It's time to turn this year around!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thinking about 2014 Goals

Goal: have fun, race hard(ish), chill with friends

This year I want to live a bit more of a balanced life. Catch up on some home improvement projects and make more art and posters. In years past I would pride myself on riding in poor conditions because it made me tougher when races were in poor condition, but this year I am going to use more common sense!

I plan to race less, maybe take more weekend trips, fun ones where I can still ride my bike.

In years past I was worried if I let off the gas on training that I would regret not being my optimal self. I was fueled by improvement, it seemed like I was constantly making gains.

Last year I started having less fun. I would feel stressed if I didnt get in the training ride i wanted. This year I say F it! Have fun, don't stress.

I do have fun on those days when I feel like the fastest version of myself. So I will plan an abbreviated 4 training rides per week, although I may ride everyday, these four focused rides should keep me in decent shape. I will blog about this more later.

So, here's the list:
• TOPO trail runs
• Death March
• Heart Mini Half
• Kings Short Track
• Mohican
• E/I TTs
• Xtrerra races, TOPO and Dino
• TriState 6 Hours (solo, but maybe co-ed duo if life is busy)
• Maybe JB 6 Hour
• 5-10 CX races at most, maybe focus on Ohio CX Cup...

I am going to focus less on series, race my bike when I want to and not race when I would rather do my own thing. If the weather is bad, or I dislike a course, I won't go.

I hope I can get this list down to 15-20 races. Race less, save some money, go on some more weekend trips.

Looking forward to having fun with you in 2014!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Biometrics in 2014

I thought I would have my blood screened and do an assessment of my cholesterol so I could get numbers/data. I've been a bit naughty and my biometrics have gotten worse. I have also been exercising less, so maybe that lack of exercise has contributed to higher cholesterol. Also, I've been vegetarian and a diet with cheese and eggs is not the best idea—those things are full of cholesterol.

So if you workplace provides a health screening I would suggest getting one and just seeing your numbers. I'm doing this to make sure I live a long, healthy life.

Weight: 146 lb
Height: 68 in
Waist: 33.25 in
BMI: -- kg/m2
Body Fat %: 12.69

Body WT: 18.52 lb
Lean %: 87.31%
Lean WT: 127.48
Hydration: 3.67


Blood Pressure: 109 systolic / 69 diastolic mmHg
Pulse: 50


Total Cholesterol: 267 mg/dl
HDL: 100 mg/dl (good cholesterol)
LDL: 143 mg/dl (bad cholesterol)
Triglycerides: 118 mg/dl
TC/HDL Ratio: 2.0% (should be under 3.5%)


Blood Glucose: 80 mg/dl


Weight: 147 lb
Height: 68 in
BMI: 22.5 kg/m2
Body Fat %: 13.9


Blood Pressure: 114 systolic / 69 diastolic mmHg
Pulse: 61


Total Cholesterol: 192 mg/dl
HDL: 80 mg/dl (good cholesterol)
LDL: 98 mg/dl (bad cholesterol)
Triglycerides: 71 mg/dl
TC/HDL Ratio: 2.4% (should be under 3.5%)


Blood Glucose: 90 mg/dl

Friday, October 4, 2013

A bike without a chain is not a bike by any other name

I was at Armleder Park last evening doing VO2 max intervals. Well, started my second interval I ripped my chain straight off! Usually I have a toolkit with chain tool and an extra SRAM quick link but I had left it at home.

I had to push/scoot my bike five miles home. Geesh, my legs are sore.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dang, rode into work at like 5:45 am because I am slammed. But got some ADD and/or inspiration and came up with a cute Ohio logo... Then a kit. Okay, back to work.