Monday, June 22, 2009

I wanna be like Mike

Remember 1989? You begged your parents for a new pair of Nike Air Jordans so when you hoop, perhaps, just maybe, a miracle would occur and you could dunk.

I am a proud owner of a 2008 Gary Fisher Paragon. These bikes are hardtail "29ers", which have larger wheels than typical mountain bikes. Larger wheels mean you can clear or ride over obstacles easier (typically).

I guess I believed all the hype and where I would have "cyclocrossed" a log in the past I attempted to ride it... The front made it over easily but my speed was too slow and I got caught on top... I got stuck and fell sideways.

I put my arm out to try to support myself on a tree. My arm caught me, but I fell so quickly that it couldn't support it. I heard a pop and my arm gave and I fell over. After much cursing, a rush of blood and a feeling of fire in my shoulder I got back to riding.

I think I am lucky and I only pulled some muscles. Right now I can some weight on my arm, but it doesn't have much mobility (in all directions). Hopefully it will be healthy enough to race next weekend. We'll see.