Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Dreaming of The Tour

Load the tents. Get your fenders.

Sprint to all the town signs. Attack on all the hills. Points for Pride, but ride as a Peloton.

Dip our tires in the Ohio River. Fill our bottles from Fountain Square. Sample Ohio's best beers from Breweries in Cincinnati, Wooster, Cleveland, and Portsmouth. Taste Ohio's best wines in Ashtabulah County and Ripley. Stock up on Amish breads to Carbo-load.

Wow, Ohio has a National Park? Ride through Cuyahoga.
Ohio to Erie Canal Path

Raise some glasses in Ohio's Wine Country.
Western Reserve Green Way in Ashtabulah Cty

When? Maybe this year, maybe next year. It all depends upon vacation time. Can't they just pay me not to go to work?

Monday, December 17, 2012

To rest or not to rest?

So last year once the OVCX season ended I really hit the training hard getting ready for Worlds.
I started setting new best times on my familiar routes and I logged more miles once I stopped racing.

But this year I am feeling very overtrained and drained. Plus, a lot of desk time has led to some muscle injury in my back and hamstrings.

So maybe this week I'll take some time off, see how I heal. Planning to set a new base until the end of the month. Go out for long, fun rides and remind myself what those old familiar routes look like.

I ran and rode 725 miles last year. Can or even should I try to top it this year? We'll see.

I'll try to really focus on stretching and yoga too. Plus some TriggerPoint and Stick massages, and hopefully some ART treatments at Norwood Chiropractic will sort me back out.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Pursuit of Power, to Battle with Powers

So I bought my big boy UCI license, and my goal for this year will be to race the USGP and UCI races with the Elite 1/2 field. I figure utter humiliation will make for incentive to train hard and be my best.

Check out this power data from Ryan Trebon, phenominal! Aside from the power, I also to work on my skills to make sure I am smooth and flawless, I can't waste any of what little power I have.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Perfect Attendance Award?


I mentioned this on twitter a month ago: I have raced in 30 straight OVCX races counting last weekend's races. I'm like the Lou Gehrig/Cal Ripken of OVCX.

Last year's Cincy3 weren't part of the series, I did miss two out of the three races due to work and course set up. In 2011 I missed the Java Johnny's race due to course set up. I did miss one other race that year, I could not go to FishSticks in Louisville. I had a cool excuse though, I was showing a film of mine at the Cincinnati Art Museum! Let's see how long this can go!

But, I should work on quality over quantity.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Look out Pros!

So last year I bought an international license to race the Masters Worlds in Louisville.

I want to get my money's worth, so I decided then that I wanted to use this as a opportunity to race with the big boys. I wanted to see how I stack up while I am healthy and fit, training a lot and maybe at my fastest.

Bjet is such an inspiration to me. She has been racing in the top ranks locally for years, and I am so proud of her when she gets a top-15 and finishes on the lead lap.

I am amazed at the level of quality and talent. Locally, I feel confident that I could race myself onto a podium of a CX race any day of the week. Then I go to CapCity and I am lucky to get a top 6 or 7. Then I got to OVCX and I am lucky to even break the top 20 or 30. Now I am looking at these UCI events and I will be lucky to finish a lap or two down! Then those guys go to Europe and are lucky if they finish in the top 20. Wow!

I'll keep you abreast of what it is like to race at the top. By the way, Joachim Parbo is having a clinic at Devou Thursday night. he's a cool dude. Love him! He has furry legs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't mess with Texas Armadillaz

Some artwork from the artist Oscar Morris, created for Art Cranks.

Reminded me of my trips to Austin. One trip I saw a squashed Armadillo in the bike lane. Grosskins.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dear Diary

I've been having so many adventures. I need to catch up! Well, maybe sometime soon there will be stories to tell.

Friday, August 17, 2012

2012 Tour of Colorado!

Short spin and a Rapids Football Match to boot!

Stage 1: 
MTB? YeaH!

Try some Dry Dock Brewing in Aurora?

or Estes Park MTB?

Stage 2: 
Leave Denver and start driving to Aspen.
Stop in Leadville for a bit of a ride?

Stage 3:
Ride from Aspen to Crested Butte to see stage finish?
or Independence Pass?

Overview of our "Grand Boucle:"

Stage 4:
Independence Pass?
It will closed starting at 10:30 am for the race!
or Aspen Mountain Biking:
Then watch the Pros finish the race!
Head up to Silverthorne after...

Stage 5:
MTB, ride down to Frisco Bay and ride the Peninsula
Grab a vegan bite at:
Alpine Natural Foods
301 W Main St, Frisco, Colorado (80443) 

Stage 6: 
Very early ride in Keystone, up Jack Straw/Jones Gulch Road. Keystone Ski Resort is at the top!

Check out Pros in Breckenridge? Get some autographs?
Then gotta get to Colorado Springs!

OR Get up early and ride the race route before road closures and ride in Colorado Springs...

No need to watch for road closure, go through Denver:

Original crazy plan with stops in Estes Park and Steamboat: Too much to do.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Race #135: 6 Hours of Good Mojo!

Photos by Jamie Clifton Images and Karen WH

Months ago I dreamed that I might have a chance to win this. My friend Marty has owned this for years but I felt if I had a good day and he had a bad day that I might have a chance. Then I remembered Brent. Brent is from a motorcross background, and when he rides it likes he is in another league — like he has little motors in his legs. Last year he was fourth but it was only because John Bryan was his first endurance race. This year Brent has been hanging with the pros in all the NUE races. So second place or third again, right? No pressure.

Luck was on my side that day. I picked a good place to drop my bike for the Le Mans start. I ran quickly, not going out too hard, Spencer was ahead and grabbed his bike. This perfectly opened up a spot for me to run through with my bike. I wheelsucked Gary Lunsford for a sec and jumped into the woods in third place. The first lap was really muddy, my crossmark rear tire fish tailing everywhere. I kept waiting for people to catch and pass me. I just tried to ride well, keep it smooth and stay upright. I kept it steady and emerged from the woods still in third with Brent ahead of me and 1 Male Duo team member just in front of me.

I was pretty much alone for a lot of the race. Just pushing myself trying not to lose too much ground to Brent. I thought he was 10 minutes in front if me.

I was approaching the race like a long time trial. In years past I have focused on completing fast laps, then doing recovery laps. But this year I changed my tactic by attacking and recovering in the same sections each lap. This made my lap times more consistent.

So in the middle of the race I caught Brent. Brent was single speed and he chose a very hard gear to push in the wetter conditions. I know if he was fully geared he would have won that day, although he is kind enough to say otherwise. We rode together for a few minutes, but I became worried that we would be caught. I had no clue who my competition was!

So I pressed ahead and felt that pride you feel when your wheel is in front. It used to make me nervous and I would l ride too hard and wreck. But I was confident in my consistent lap times and I was feeling great! Wow, I rarely have mojo this good!

I was trying to beat my time from 2011 but the muddy start slowed me down a bit. I chose consistency over flooring it and it paid off!

I can't but feel this may be one of the last wins I get. I am grateful for it, and I am grateful to have shared it with friends. Jeni, Darrin, Brent, Bjet and I enjoyed some BBQ and a bit of beer after!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Devil in the White City!

View CX Jack Park Course 2 in a larger map

So I've been reading Larson's "Devil in the White City" about making the 1893 World's Fair, and the serial killer that preyed upon young women during the fair. I can't wait to ride down there and explore the park and imagine the scenes in the book coming to life. The weekend before my visit there will be a cyclocross race down there! So I plan to ride down and get some hot laps in and ride back.

Also, watching all these Olympics make me wanna try a velodrome too. Hmm. There's one in Chicago. Perhaps I will have a go.

If I want to MTB on my CX bike, I could potentially go here:
Palos Forest Preserves
9800 South Kean Avenue Palos Hills, Illinois 60465

There is also a pump track that might be fun to visit on the ole Redline CX bike:

View Larger Map

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Another year of Hot Harbin TTs!

Are the results right? A fight for the clipboard and some swagger. 
I love the Harbin Park time trials. They are pretty tough and they really help set you up with a base fitness for cyclocross.

Unfortunately this year I did not get to do too many of them. And when I did, I definitely did not feel as strong as in the past. There were times I owned all the lil hills in the course and flew up them like a wannabe Alberto Contador. Now I feel like I am just crawling up them — they are really putting the hurt on me!

I thought I would look back and see how I faired in historical context.
We had a sunset picnic after the last race. 

7/11/2012 Week 1, hanging with friends
Lap 1: 24:53
Lap 2: 25:28  
8.6 mi, 0:50:21, 10.25 avg mph
AVG Heart Rate 160, Max 180
6 out of 19, finished in top 31%

8/1/2012, Week 4, Feeling a bit tired
Lap 1: 24:37
Lap 2: 26:34  
8.6 mi, 0:51:11, 10.08 avg mph  
AVG HR 164, MAX 184
out of 12, finished in top 42%

2011, Feeling Strong for Cross
7/14/2011 Bastille Day Chain Suck
Lap 1: 24:08
Lap 2: 26:06
8.4mi, 0:50:14, 10.03 avg mph
4 out of 9, 44%

7/21/2011 Psyched Out and Baked
Lap 1: 24:05
Lap 2: 24:42
8.4mi, 0:48:47, 
10.33 avg mph
2 out of 12, 16% and Second Place!

2010, My First Year!
7/15/2010 Week 2
Lap 1 24:31
Lap 2 26:01

8 mi, 0:50:32, 9.5 avg mph
6 out of 10, 60%

8/5/2010 Week 5
Lap 1 23:57
Lap 2 24:23
8 mi, 0:47:50, 10.03 avg mph
5 out of 8, 62% but getting faster

8/12/2010 Week 6 
Lap 1 23:10
Lap 2 23:49

8 mi, 0:46:59, 10.22 avg mph
2 out of 6, 33% and bested myself!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

One of the hardest rides of my life

Back in June Bjet and I joined teammates Mott Sauce and Big Ring Pike for an epic journey. We rode to Pike's Dad's house in Louisville following Underground Railroad routes.

Wow, it was really cool to go point to point. I typically just ride a big loop. The ride was pretty tough, we hit some headwinds before taking a lunch break in Madison, Indiana. The winds were killing my neck, back and triceps. Then a bit more wind and rollers kicked my ass towards the end of the ride. I wigged out and got so flustered that I could no longer hold I wheel — I stepped off my bike and threw it... Yeah, not pretty.

I hope I was just not recovered from Mohican and 12 Hours of Capitol View. I was really whooped.

On a side note, I would love to turn this into a multi-day trip. Madison is a cool little college town, and Louisville is always fun.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Races #132-133: Conquering Versailles

This year I thought I would have fun and push myself a bit to freshen things up. First, I ran that blasted Flying Pig Marathon. While I was training for that I started daydreaming about doing an Xterra triathlon.

But after Mohican all I really wanted to do was ride my bike. So I did not take my Tri training too seriously. I just did 3 swims (but making sure each swim was about 30 minutes long, around the time I would be in the water). And I would just run here and there. At the end of the day, I like swimming and running but I LOVE TO RIDE MY BIKE!

So my friends Dan, Boris and I headed out to Versailles Friday night. They have really great campgrounds, they are clean and the other people are pretty respectful. Not like the camping I did after Capitol View (where people were blaring club music till late). By the way, sites #90 and# 92 are pretty sweet for tent campers.

Dan, Boris and I carbo-loaded on beer, including a stop at Great Crescent Brewery in Aurora, Indiana. We stayed up late and BSed around the campsite. Woke up around 6am, did some yoga to stretch. Got everything ready. It was weird to try to think of things I need for swimming, cycling and running!

So we started the Xterra out in the water. It was weird to swim in a pack. In the first few minutes you are clumped together and whacking each others legs and arms! I kept it pretty chill, I did not want to over-exert myself. Actually, this was my best/fastest swim to date. Usually in my training swims I would get tired and have to stop or alternate to breast stroke. So I swim pretty inefficiently — I started the swim by keeping my head constantly above water, always pointing forward. I found that it regulates my breathing and I less taxing on my system. Later in the swim I started this other technique where my head shifted from side-to-side with each stroke, I became more efficient but over a few minutes I made myself very dizzy! In the last 200 feet I swallowed some lake water and almost started vomiting — that slowed me down!

So I got out of the water and my transition was a bit slow, perhaps socks are a bad idea... Anyway, I jump on the bike and start riding and I am still very dizzy and I crashed into a tree right away! I collected myself and launched myself up Shadow Run. I tried to balance the need to pass people with respect and safety. I was blown away how many competitors were not extremely strong on the bike. I felt like a super star — I think I passed nearly 30 people and put in a decent lap time to boot! One guy was not so happy to have me pass and told me I should be a better swimmer! He's right, it would have been so much easier!

So I really loved the bike leg! I kept a bunch of gas in the tank and by riding more restrained I read the course and trail with a clearer head. I really had my mojo that day! I felt so smooth!

The iPhone Strava app allows me quick uploads — I feel so badass until everyone uploads their Garmins...

So I get back in and started the run. I just had to pull off my gloves, helmet and switch shoes. The run went pretty well. I haven't really run much at all since the Pig so I did not know what to expect. I guess I had leftover fitness — I went out and ran the best trail times of my life. Somehow I managed a pace of just over 8min/mile with almost 500 feet of climbing and some technical downhills! Wow!

I didn't wear my heart rate monitor but I was feeling that I raced the whole race fairly conservatively. But that night I started feeling pretty tore up. Perhaps I gave 100% and not the 120% that I am used to. Perhaps also all the adrenaline made me feel awesome!

I really feel like the Xterra format is a great event — training doesn't have to take over your life and you can get out and train while enjoying nature. I strongly suggest an Xterra to anyone considering triathlons. My race was over in 2:11, you could easily compete within 3:00. It doesn't really kill you day and all the distances are easily achievable.

There were vegan and vegetarian competitors, then there was this guy...

That night I hung out with Kathy and Fraser. We rode into Downtown Versailles on a recovery ride and they invited me over for some beers and a delicious Italian lentil dish that Kathy made. It was nice to pass the time with friends instead of reading "Devil in the White City" all alone in my tent all night!

I also did some yoga overlooking a ravine to loosen up and stretch out my muscles. I love doing yoga in nature. I know, it's nerdy! It's just cool to connect with nature again — I haven't camped in over two years and this is my second time this year. I've really enjoyed getting away from the rat race and just mellowing out for a weekend.

So the mountain bike race the next day was a smidge tough! I woke up fairly early, got ready and actually rode a full lap of the race course to warm up before the race.

But my legs were still not there. The start went off and I immediately went to the back. I lost a minute to the next rider within a few miles. I was really struggling. Then the Red Zone Juniors leading the Cat 2 race came rollin along. They were the wind in my sails and they woke me back up! I jumped on the leader's wheel for a couple minutes until I nearly wiped out in a dusty turn. Then Red Zone junior #2 and #3 came rolling up. Those kids are fast! I jumped on their wheels and had a blast! I rode with them for most of the reaming part of the first lap. I GOT MY MOJO BACK!

I started passing the other guys in my race. I think I gained 4 positions. But suddenly I heard a rubbing on my back tire. I looked down to see what it was and I wiped out going pretty fast! I stopped, it was the end of the front derailleur cable. I lost about 3 positions I just gained! I bent the cable back out of the way and restarted my chase. Over then next two laps I regained the positions I lost as well as gaining 2 more.

I crossed the line in 2:12:14, taking a minute off my previous best time and equaling my highest previous placing in the DINO Versailles race. Wow, I just wish I started stronger!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dreaming of Le Tour

I listen to this podcast called "The Bike Show" and a few weeks ago they did a show on doing your own Tour de France by randonée or touring. Basically, getting racks on the bikes and hauling your own luggage as you travel by bike.

We use this website called Strava to track our training miles. They are having a Tour de France competition where you try to match the elevation climbed by the pros in the race.

So Sunday we went out to ride an epic! I have been dreaming of a training ride that combines all of Cincinnati's beautiful hilly neighborhoods. So many cool ascents are paid off with an incredible view from a public park on top.

From our house on the East side of Cincy we set off and climbed up to Ault Park down to Mount Lookout and a couple of climbs up to Alms Park overlooking Lunken Airport. We didn't do all the climbs, I was intending to save some for the way back.

We hit Riverside and headed for Kentucky. We don't typically ride up to Fort Thomas but I decided to throw it in. Well, it turned out to be a bad idea. I forgot where the climbs were and we got lost and wasted some time. We were climbing up River Road when we were hit by a torrential downpour. There was nowhere to go, we had to keep climbing and getting soaked. We finally found refuge at the Tower Park Army base! All the G.I.s were having a picnic, so a couple of Lycra clad weirdos really stood out amongst all the camo.

Once it cleared we hit Devou Park. But we were still drenched and it is not fun to ride in a soggy chamois. So we bypassed Clifton and Liberty Hill and headed home. We still hit Mt Adams first, and really enjoyed the beautiful views.

We got home and changed and hit Indian Hill. One thing we noticed straight away is the lack of stoplights and stop signs--our average speed started increasing.

We started to "zipper" up and down the climbs, alternating the ups and downs as we rode the hill side towards Loveland and Miamiville. Kuglar Mill, Camargo, Blome, Indian Hill and Spooky Hollow are some of our scenic favorites.

My legs felt pretty good. I did something silly: I rode 105 miles and climbed 7000 feet the day before. Part of me gets really inspired watching the Pros tackle back-to-back mountain stages in the grand tours.

I was giddy to be sharing this epic with my Bjet. I hope someday we can do our own Tour de France. It is great we have a crazy hobby we can do together and while I am riding I am so content, I wonder what else I would be doing and I am thoroughly proud that we choose to write our own adventures instead of watching them on tv.

The  next time we attempt this I would love to include more climbs around Devou, as well as a stop at Findlay Market and the hills of Clifton and Liberty Hill. We also missed Price and Ibold roads due to time constraints, and of course the whole Dry Run, Sugar Camp and Baldwin climbs would have been awesome to hit too.

Big training block

I decided to crush a big block of training since I had an opening in my schedule. I know I have training 25 hours in a week before, but whoa 30! I trained 10 days straight with a total of 38 hours and 441 miles. Some of the training was weight training and yoga in improve strength and flexibility for cross season. I got some runs in too. I wanted to get some long rides in before longer races like the 6 Hours of John Bryan and Frankenbike too. I guess I wanted to establish a mid-summer base mile training camp in a way.

This is kind of nerdy but I got inspired by The Tour and I did back-to-back climbing centuries!

Well, taking a couple of days off to recover for races on both Saturday and Sunday. My third weekend in a row of double race days. Gotta get ready for the USGPs!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

Any Aero Time Trial Tips?

So I did something kind of silly. I signed up for the Ohio State Time Trial Championships in Cleves on Saturday. I wanted to try something new to spice things up, and being on the rivet for 45-55 minutes will be great training for cyclocross.

So... right now my aero road set up is my freshly tuned-up 1999 Steel Jamis Quest. And a skinsuit...

I think I can scrounge together some shoe covers and a fabric helmet cover... I don't want to go overboard but if anyone has any easy suggestions I will take them!

I have Bridget's old Madone. I need to get this thing built up. In reality I want to build it up, throw on some clip-on handlebars and have an aero helmet but I should save my money for my new cyclocross bike.

These were tips I received on Facebook:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Build Up and on Target?

Here is my build up for this year compared to last year. I'm about at the same place although I feel lke the quality and intensity of my training for cycling was better in 2011. The marathon has taken a bit out of my legs and I don't feel I have the snap and attack I had last year. Well, better start hitting it for Cross!

So check out June. I tapered for Mohican so I would be nice and fresh. Then 100 miles. Recover for Capitol View. Then 112 miles on the dirt. I took a week off then unwisely rode 157 miles with Bjets and the teammates to Louisville! Ouch. My legs are angry with me!

Tentative Training Plan for the next month. Need to work on my muscles, and getting some of the intensity built up for fast starts and short, steep hills. I have to make sure I don't embarrass myself in the Pro UCI cross races!

Tokyo Driftin!

 I took my Jamis up to BioWheels for it's first tune up in maybe two years! Man, a bunch of stuff was loose and my cables haven't been replaced in about 3 years!

Bob and Nate helped me fix it all up. I would get things kind of in place then they would come in and finely tune it.

Bob redid my brakes, now they really grab on the attack. They used to be all mushy! Well, I kind of forgot about the new brake set up on lap 2 of the Hyde Park Blast and I started skidding on the 180 turn around the Square! I even unclipped like it was a cyclocross race, I kept it upright!

Race reports to come! What a fun weekend in Madeira and Hyde Park!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tour de Trails 2012

Last year I wrote about some baseballs fans try to visit every baseball park in their lifetime. I thought it might be fun to see all the local trails in one year.

Fort Duffield, not yet.
Cherokee Park, not yet.
Waverly Park, not yet.
AJ Jolly Park, not yet, it's nearby too.
Tower Park, Haven't ridden since the race in 2009!
General Butler, Raced last year. Fun Old School trails

Capitol View, rode almost 11 hours and 10 lap here during 12 Hour race. Very fun course. Ouch.
England-Idlewild, Check! I've trained there a couple times this year, hopefully racing there soon.
Devou Trails, I hit'em this week. Nice loop I can bike commute to!

Paint Creek, Never been there!
Huffman MetroPark, Never been there!
Caesar Creek, Not in a couple years...
Mount Mitchell, Near my in-laws. The old-section is very fast and flowy. The new section is pretty bad-ass and technical (for me). Cool local 8 miles of trails!
Keehner Park, Been twice this year. Cool little trail system if you live nearby.
Hueston Woods, Raced there last year, didn't hit all the trails.
Landon-Deerfield, We take Kona there from time to time, nice lil loop.
John Bryan, always ride the 6 Hour race, we just went up recently. Very fun!
East Fork, My home court.
South 80 Trails, kind of a flat little short loop. Might make a nice short track course. These are still being developed. Since this is right out my front door in Mariemont I hit'em a lot. HOwever, they are being mowed by a Kubota tractor — which means the trails are double-track and not very technical.

Muskatatuck, not yet. Maybe AMBC race?
French Lick, not yet.
Brown County, Epic, but haven't been there in 2 years! Need to get back.
Versailles, Check! This was often dry when Cincy trails were wet this spring. Great Trails!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Desiging a Paint Job for my IndieFab!

Coming up with some options for my paint job. Gotta see what the cats at IF can do, this is pretty fun. I want to do it for a living!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

BioMetrics 2012

I had my weight, blood pressure, and blood checked at the health fair at work. I like to use these screenings as mile posts on my journey through a healthy, active life.

Weight: 147 lb
Height: 68 in
Waist: 30 inBMI: 22 kg/m2


Blood Pressure: 114 systolic / 60 diastolic mmHg

Total Cholesterol: 168 mg/dl
HDL: 84 mg/dl (good cholesterol)
LDL: 70 mg/dl (bad cholesterol)
Triglycerides: 72 mg/dl
TC/HDL Ratio: 2.0% (should be under 3.5%)


Blood Glucose: 90 mg/dl

A little less "healthy" than last year! Better hit more veggies!

Since I got an irregular reading last winter I have been kind of obsessed with my blood pressure and biometric readings. I've been monitoring this whenever I go to Krogers, they have a cool machine thing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I went to the dentist in January and she freaked me out about my "high" blood pressure (she said I was over 130 which is pre-hypertension) so I've been testing myself at local pharmacies. I've been experimenting with diet. But I also feel like work/life stress and sleep (or lack of 7-8 hours per night) is my main barrier to a lower blood pressure.

113/78 pulse 58
Wt 154 (with clothes on, I'm at Kroger people!)
Lean mass: 130.8/85%
Fat mass: 23.1/15%
bmi: 24.1

**In February I made drastic diet shifts — which I hope to blog about soon**

115/81 pulse 54
(hours after a 3 hour run)

116/60 pulse 48
(hours after a 74 mile ride with BioHomies, must be tired)

107/69 pulse 59
Wt 148
Lean mass: 128.8/87.3%
Fat mass: 18.7/12.7%
bmi: 23.1
*i've been getting more sleep and I have less stress at work.

135/76 pulse 53
Wt: 146.7
Fat % 12.4
BMI: 23

114/70 pulse 80
Wt 145
Lean mass: 128/88.2%
Fat mass: 17/11.8%
bmi: 22.7
*Reading taken just after riding trails, riding dirt to get to my local Krogers

107/69 pulse 76
Wt 147
Lean mass: 128.7/87.3%
Fat mass: 18.7/12.7%
bmi: 23.1

108/71 pulse 74
Wt 146
Lean mass: 128.4/87.7%
Fat mass: 17.9/12.3%
bmi: 22.9

110/66 pulse 72
Wt 149
Lean mass: 129.2/86.7%
Fat mass: 19.8/13.3%
bmi: 23.3

I'm wondering if my blood pressure was higher at the dentist because I just came from work, probably had to jog to get to my appointment, and she tested my right arm and not my left arm.,,

122/60 pulse 44
Reading taken at Dentist, after a stressful day and a night with only a few hours of sleep due to workload.

Reading at Kroger
119/59 pulse 53
Wt 145.8 
Lean mass: 128.2 lb/88%
Fat mass: 17.5 lb/12%
Hydration 6.09bmi: 22.83

122/71 pulse 48
Wt 139.8

127/72 pulse 58
Wt 140.8