Saturday, December 29, 2012

Still Dreaming of The Tour

Load the tents. Get your fenders.

Sprint to all the town signs. Attack on all the hills. Points for Pride, but ride as a Peloton.

Dip our tires in the Ohio River. Fill our bottles from Fountain Square. Sample Ohio's best beers from Breweries in Cincinnati, Wooster, Cleveland, and Portsmouth. Taste Ohio's best wines in Ashtabulah County and Ripley. Stock up on Amish breads to Carbo-load.

Wow, Ohio has a National Park? Ride through Cuyahoga.
Ohio to Erie Canal Path

Raise some glasses in Ohio's Wine Country.
Western Reserve Green Way in Ashtabulah Cty

When? Maybe this year, maybe next year. It all depends upon vacation time. Can't they just pay me not to go to work?

Monday, December 17, 2012

To rest or not to rest?

So last year once the OVCX season ended I really hit the training hard getting ready for Worlds.
I started setting new best times on my familiar routes and I logged more miles once I stopped racing.

But this year I am feeling very overtrained and drained. Plus, a lot of desk time has led to some muscle injury in my back and hamstrings.

So maybe this week I'll take some time off, see how I heal. Planning to set a new base until the end of the month. Go out for long, fun rides and remind myself what those old familiar routes look like.

I ran and rode 725 miles last year. Can or even should I try to top it this year? We'll see.

I'll try to really focus on stretching and yoga too. Plus some TriggerPoint and Stick massages, and hopefully some ART treatments at Norwood Chiropractic will sort me back out.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

In Pursuit of Power, to Battle with Powers

So I bought my big boy UCI license, and my goal for this year will be to race the USGP and UCI races with the Elite 1/2 field. I figure utter humiliation will make for incentive to train hard and be my best.

Check out this power data from Ryan Trebon, phenominal! Aside from the power, I also to work on my skills to make sure I am smooth and flawless, I can't waste any of what little power I have.