Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Dang, rode into work at like 5:45 am because I am slammed. But got some ADD and/or inspiration and came up with a cute Ohio logo... Then a kit. Okay, back to work.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

And your safe!

Last week I was trying to crush that off-camber downhill on the backside of Kings... That didn't end up well. Rear brake froze up, slid and hit the deck...

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Cincy Bike Racers' Dining Guide, part 1

Cross is here! But more importantly, lovely day trips to cool MidWest cities. So, I've been meaning to write up a tourism guide for a couple years. But, you know, I want to write up something comprehensive but I always run short on time.

Here is a rough start:

Dilly Deli: Okay food, some hearty comfort classics. But a great beer selection. Perfect for post-time trial discussions with certain teammates who look like the love child of Kid Rock and Axl Rose.

North Market: a fun selection of food stalls for everyone. Plus Jeni's (support the peeps who support bike racing!).
Surly Girl Saloon:

Adams County:
Cruiser's Diner in Seaman: Perfect for a stop back after the Frankenbike 50!
Blake Soda Fountain in West Union: a nostalgic bite after a log training ride in Shawnee Forest.
Portsmouth Brewery: Pizza plus BEER!

So here are some things I want to try or have been to in:

Bloomington/Columbus/Nashville, Indiana:
Papa's Grill: good grub and good beer selection after a jaunt to Brown County.
Backwoods Brewery: they have pizza and grub and beer and just down the street from Brown County, located in Nashville.
Upland Brewery: super solid beer and pub food.
Soma: solid coffeehouse on way to Bloomingcross
Scholars Inn Bakehouse: Kind of like a local Panera, good for breaky

New places I want to try:
The Bloomington Brewpub at Lennie's: http://www.bloomingtonbrew.com/brewpub/
I've been to the Runcible Spoon in the past, I would like to go back.
The Irish Lion, bought a pint glass there but would like to try it!