Bonk•Aid Energy Bars

There are a lot of energy bars out there. They make you think they're healthy, but can you pronounce everything on the list of ingredients?

Jimmy Roadrash's Bonk•Aid Bars will be:
— Minimally processed with a short list of ingredients
— Using natural and organic, optimally locally-sourced ingredients
— Vegan, and some flavors will be gluten-free and raw as well

It's like having your morning oatmeal in your pocket. Including these delicious flavors:
— Vanilla Cranberry Almond (with figs and oats)
— Chainbreaker Calas Baked Rice Cakes
— Blueberry Walnut (with dates and brown rice)
— Chocolate Latte (with coffee beans chunks)

Perhaps these will just be in my own jersey pocket, maybe these will be a local brand. We'll see.

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