Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I hear cowbells in my future

Since I look up to my dear Bridget so much I have decided to begin racing cyclocross too! I just purchased a Redline Conquest and I have only just begun training.

Cyclocross is a sport of technique and fitness. It's a bit mile steeplechase with a bike — a bike that is somewhere between a rod bike and a mountain bike. Because much of the race coarse is on grass it is much more physically taxing than road racing. The race course are much more compact and very spectator friendly. Throw in obstacles that a cyclist must efficiently mount, hurdle and remount his bike along with some mud and you have a killer sport.

Here are some races coming up, in the end I think I will just tag along with Bridget and see what happens!

9/13 Cap City #1 - Infirmary Mound Park in Licking County
9/14 OVCX #1 - Loveland, Ohio "Cyclocross at Riverview Park"
9/27 Cap City #2 - Alum Creek State Park Beach Bonanza
9/28 OVCX #2 - Louisville, Kentucky "Tour de Louisville"

10/4 Cap City #3–Lobdell Park Awesome Course
10/10 OVCX #3 - Burlington Kentucky "Darkhorse Cyclo Stampede"
10/11 OVCX #4 Middletown, Ohio "Java Johnny's Lionhearts International"
10/12 OVCX #5 Fairfield, Ohio "Bio-Wheels / United Dairy Farmers Harbin Park International"
10/19 Cap City #4 - Lobdell Frisbee Park in Licking County

11/1 Cap City #5 - Uncle Steve's in Marysville
11/2 OVCX #6 - Cincinnati, Ohio "Gun Club Cross"
11/9 Cap City #6 - John Bryan State Park
11/16 OVCX #8 - Lexington, Kentucky "Promotion Cross"
11/23 Cap City #7 - Lane Rd - State Champs
11/30 OVCX #8 - Louisville, Kentucky "Storm the Greens Cyclocross"

12/7 - Indianapolis, Indiana "Brookside Cyclocross Cup"

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    It was great to see you out there smiling! I'm happy you enjoyed it! Hope to see you soon.