Saturday, April 11, 2009

Results from my first road race: ROAD RASH!

I learned a lot the hard way! I didn't sprint off the start when I should have. I couldn't pass over the double lanes and was locked into a bad position half way through the pack. I went down to the gutter side to pass just as we turned and the wind that came from that direction. I worked so hard for the little time I was there. I went back into the middle of the peloton, we were riding about three riders wide, just as a gust hit the peloton forcing a touch of wheels and a pile up. Someone unclipped and fell into me.

The next thing I know I am in a fetal position as wheel roll pass my head... My day was over.

As I nursed a rashed hip I finally brought together six stragglers on the second lap and we formed a paceline to make it home. At least I had company.

I really want to thank the guys at the Trek Store for turning my Jamis into a mean machine, Bridget for really making it happen, and Joe for some tips that I did not get to use!

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