Thursday, October 8, 2009

Race #21: A Sloppy Success

I have to admit having some serious butterflies in my stomach this morning. I overtrained on Tuesday night — doing a hill routine that I hope will develop my endurance and leg strength but ended up over cooking my quads. And Wednesday I caught a bug that left me feeling extremely weak. I pictured a day of wrecks and slogging through the back. But I wanted to keep at it for the points competition if I end up staying in Cat 4.

I actually felt okay in the warm up and I got a great place in the staging and field was way less than 100 people! And the climb leaving the start line was just the separation I needed. I got off to a good start just in the top five riders. The course wasn't that scary yet and I held on pretty well for awhile. I ended up overcooking a turn and my poor brakes weren't working as I flew through some tape.

During the course of the race I passed people as the slid out, I was passed as I slid out. At one point my front brakes worked as my rear wheel spun me out into 180˙ skid. My head was spinning. Who knows what place I was!

So I get to the end of the race and without realizing it this other racer was bearing down on me. We hit the final pavement uphill and start sprinting. Why is this guy sprinting with me for 20th place? Well, it turns out it was 5th place! I kind of gave up thinking it was stupid to be fighting for 20th! Oops. Well, I got 6th...

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