Saturday, August 28, 2010

Legs Up!

I'm taking a pre-Cross season break. The mountain bike season (which I was hoping would be over, but a couple rain delays have prolonged) was rather tough with some pretty bad crashes. I slightly re-injured my left shoulder and I might have a small fracture in my left hand after a 15 mph collision with a tree at the 6 Hours of John Bryan. A couple weeks later I crashed on downhill rock garden smashing my knee — which was still bruised and swollen two weeks later. That same knee has been feeling rather tender — and overall I have had some rather bad sensations in my legs. Thankfully Norwood Chiropractic is bringing new life into my hamstrings and hip flexors that were as solid as concrete.

Thursday I had a rather lovely recovery commute to work. I stopped and watched the sun rising over the lush Ohio River Valley.

It's odd not to fit a bunch of riding into the weekend. I'm not touching a bike at all until Wednesday. But I had time to enjoy the rather inventive night time Team Time Trial in the opening stage of this year's Vuelta. Very cool, and Sevilla looked lovely. Wish I were there!

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