Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jimmy Fumbles!

I'm halfway through and I have a lot less momentum than last year. Actually I feel like the Bengals of cyclocross! But part of this is from the learning curve of pushing myself to new levels. I think pro sports teams call this "restructuring." Early in the year I had a a lot of momentum and I was on the fence about racing 3's or Elite. In all reality I would only finish in the top 15 and possibly 10 of the 3's, but I was really excited about pushing myself for an hour. I also have to take a step back and realize that this is my third year racing and I am racing Elite. Wow, and in my short time as a cyclocross racer I have really had a lot of luck and last year was a dream year with 2 wins and tons of top 10s.

Harbin MTB TTs, great workouts, totally got steamed killing myself in 90 degree weather for 45 minutes.
Kings CX TTs, great workouts, showed promise on a couple nights

Jimmy's Season:
Kings Cat 3 Race: Fumbled and fell, finished 15th.
Kings Elite Race: Having fun battling for 22nd place, then cramped and DFL'ed!
Shawnee Elite Race: Best race so far, battled with another guy and lost for 7th out of 13, but had tons of fun.
UCI 3 Devou Cat 2/3: battled through 50 racers to get 2nd
UCI 3 Harbin Cat 2/3: headache at the start, came around halfway for 34th.
Bloomington Elite Race: blew up on lap 2 and started crashing and ended up DFL...
Derby City 1 Cat 2/3: lost somewhere in the back of the race, pulled with 3 laps to go.
Derby City 2 Cat 2/3: went out and really fought, had a great couple of laps but still pulled.

The Derby City USGP was tough because I really stunk it up the first day and I felt I really let myself down. I actually was pretty upset and had nightmares about the money I was wasting racing. But I learned and really pushed myself on day 2.

The course was pretty cool, I really loved the wooded section — it makes for very challenging racing and great spectating. It's always great to watch the pros kick ass too.

I'm super proud of super Bjet for racing hard and hangin' with the pro women despite drawing 2 bad numbers in the lottery. I think she started last each day and had to ride her way through some women with lesser technical abilities.

Cycling Dirt's Coverage of Bjet at the Derby City Cup

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