Monday, June 25, 2012

Tour de Trails 2012

Last year I wrote about some baseballs fans try to visit every baseball park in their lifetime. I thought it might be fun to see all the local trails in one year.

Fort Duffield, not yet.
Cherokee Park, not yet.
Waverly Park, not yet.
AJ Jolly Park, not yet, it's nearby too.
Tower Park, Haven't ridden since the race in 2009!
General Butler, Raced last year. Fun Old School trails

Capitol View, rode almost 11 hours and 10 lap here during 12 Hour race. Very fun course. Ouch.
England-Idlewild, Check! I've trained there a couple times this year, hopefully racing there soon.
Devou Trails, I hit'em this week. Nice loop I can bike commute to!

Paint Creek, Never been there!
Huffman MetroPark, Never been there!
Caesar Creek, Not in a couple years...
Mount Mitchell, Near my in-laws. The old-section is very fast and flowy. The new section is pretty bad-ass and technical (for me). Cool local 8 miles of trails!
Keehner Park, Been twice this year. Cool little trail system if you live nearby.
Hueston Woods, Raced there last year, didn't hit all the trails.
Landon-Deerfield, We take Kona there from time to time, nice lil loop.
John Bryan, always ride the 6 Hour race, we just went up recently. Very fun!
East Fork, My home court.
South 80 Trails, kind of a flat little short loop. Might make a nice short track course. These are still being developed. Since this is right out my front door in Mariemont I hit'em a lot. HOwever, they are being mowed by a Kubota tractor — which means the trails are double-track and not very technical.

Muskatatuck, not yet. Maybe AMBC race?
French Lick, not yet.
Brown County, Epic, but haven't been there in 2 years! Need to get back.
Versailles, Check! This was often dry when Cincy trails were wet this spring. Great Trails!

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