Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jersey designer?

Ever since I saw Twin Six back in the day I have wanted to design my own jerseys as well. I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to design kits for several teams—some that I have ridden for. But often I come up with designs that teams don't dig as much (I really dig retro kits—my passion dates back before Rapha, I bought a book for the 2003 Tour de France and I fell in love with the old wool jerseys).

I am trying to find resources to do a small run of cycling jerseys. One problem I have is that I would love to design a kit with a collar as well as the retro pockets in the chest.

Some locals who make lycra jerseys:
Made in Bloomington:

Made in Cleveland:

Peeps who are hip with retro radness:

Perhaps it is best that I find someone to do a small order in wool jerseys.
So going from here I have two options:
1. Find someone to do a very small order to make jerseys for just Bridget and I
2. I start designing jerseys that have broader appeal—and get the minimums required to have them printed by one of the above fabricators.


  1. I'd totally sport a RR jersey. Might be good office apparel if it has a "collar."

  2. I would definitely ride around in a Roadrash Kit.

  3. Thanks guys—I will keep you guys in the loop. I might create something more broad too, around Cincy or something.