Monday, September 9, 2013

The Cincy Bike Racers' Dining Guide, part 1

Cross is here! But more importantly, lovely day trips to cool MidWest cities. So, I've been meaning to write up a tourism guide for a couple years. But, you know, I want to write up something comprehensive but I always run short on time.

Here is a rough start:

Dilly Deli: Okay food, some hearty comfort classics. But a great beer selection. Perfect for post-time trial discussions with certain teammates who look like the love child of Kid Rock and Axl Rose.

North Market: a fun selection of food stalls for everyone. Plus Jeni's (support the peeps who support bike racing!).
Surly Girl Saloon:

Adams County:
Cruiser's Diner in Seaman: Perfect for a stop back after the Frankenbike 50!
Blake Soda Fountain in West Union: a nostalgic bite after a log training ride in Shawnee Forest.
Portsmouth Brewery: Pizza plus BEER!

So here are some things I want to try or have been to in:

Bloomington/Columbus/Nashville, Indiana:
Papa's Grill: good grub and good beer selection after a jaunt to Brown County.
Backwoods Brewery: they have pizza and grub and beer and just down the street from Brown County, located in Nashville.
Upland Brewery: super solid beer and pub food.
Soma: solid coffeehouse on way to Bloomingcross
Scholars Inn Bakehouse: Kind of like a local Panera, good for breaky

New places I want to try:
The Bloomington Brewpub at Lennie's:
I've been to the Runcible Spoon in the past, I would like to go back.
The Irish Lion, bought a pint glass there but would like to try it!

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