Thursday, October 30, 2008

Black and Blue

I've had a couple slip-ups on the bike lately and I am a bit sore. I slipped trying to remount my bike last night and the cantilever brake tore into my quad and bruised it. Tonight I slipped in a turn and bruised my knee.

So I was thinking to myself that it is ironic that my kit and bike is black and blue and I am all bruised. Then I started thinking... I always thought the 'Baumer poster from the Royal Tenenbaums was AWESOME! So I decided to make an over the top parody.

My Hero:


  1. Damn, girl. That's hotkins. Please stop getting your ass kicked by your bike!

  2. That's kind of awesome. I am totally going to add that to my bedroom in my parents' house.

    Reminds me of this.