Sunday, October 19, 2008

Three starts and two DNFs

Today was almost my day. In my C race I got off to a slow start but worked my way up through the field at a descent rate. By my second lap I was somewhere around 7th or 8th place but after a run-up in the beginning of my third lap my tire flatted on remount. I then ran my bike about a mile until the pit, where I changed my back wheel and took off again. On the remount out of the pit my front tire began to sound odd but at that point I was in major denial... Coming into the next turn my tire decided it was time for an intervention and I completely wiped out. So I DNFed. The mechanic from the Trek store bent my derailleur back into place and let me know that my back up wheel set was about 30 psi when it should have been at least 40 for clinchers. It turns out that maybe my home pump is inaccurate...

So I decided to race the B race. It was rather uneventful and my results weren't nearly as good because I was a little out of energy at that point. Also, the B races are just that much faster... So I felt thirsty and hungry. Then Dan Ramsey was like "let's ride the A race". So we did it... after the run-up I realised it wasn't a good idea. I felt tapped. I think it was my third lap that my legs really cramped after the run-up and I knew I was done for the day.

But it was really, really fun. C'est la vie...

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  1. are officially a bad ass cyclocrosser. Your threshold for pain obviously superceeds your sense of rationality. You might think you're still a newbie and this cycling thing might be temporary, but you are too far gone my friend. Put the new wheels on your Christmas list. Welcome to the club.