Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get your CX Fix

Great video of 09 CX world champs here. I felt the Velo News article on the race did not give credit to Katie Compton where credit was due. She was the strongest woman that day. She held an awesome early gap and then did the most work of the 3 woman break away. I have no doubt she WILL be world champ someday.


  1. Hate to say it, but gonna have to disagree Bjet.

    I don't think she was the strongest rider on the day. The other two closed her gap and then freight trained her on the sprint.

    As I look back, every race I saw her in this year she rode away solo. Which leads me to wonder if she missed out on head to head sprinting during the US season.

    However, I do think she'll be World Champ one day!

  2. The MTBer in me thinks it is lame to ride in the shadow and then take the sprint. The road racer in me can see the smartest rider that day won.

    Pretty kick ass video if the race though! Only got through half the mens race before I feel asleep.