Thursday, March 19, 2009

My New Baby

I am so lucky. Most men have a tough time convincing their wives that a bike is a good investment. My wife sneaks the frame (that I should not have splurged on myself for Christmas) out of the house and builds it up behind my back! I am so psyched, this thing looks mean like a Farrari, all the Bontrager parts match the color of the frame. It nearly looks like a fixie with the attention to detail that Justin and Bridget put into it — down to the candy cane freakin bar tape.

I want to thank Justin at the Trek Store for doing a stellar job building up the frame and getting me some great components. Amanda for giving me a wonderful deal on her kickass frame. And of coarse Bridget for being the best wife ever. So now I can't get pissed you're getting a custom Seven for cross right? Oh how freakin smart you are!

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