Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Race #18: Rubber-side to Heaven for Baby Jesus

I can't keep two wheels on the ground lately! My body looks like it belongs in a morgue! I have been generously offered a Trek XO1 cyclocross frame to race but I am worried I would return it battered.

I love the first race of the season. You get to see how your training has paid off and just where do you place. Bridget and I drove back from Pittsburgh the night before, only getting a few hours sleep. I felt okay and I am kind of used to it. But not preregistering and ending up on the back line of almost 120 starters was a bitter pill to swallow! Plus it was raining and muddy to boot.

I immediately used the starting drills from Harbin to my advantage. I think I quickly passed almost half the field, or at least it felt like it. First lap is always hairy, so I dimounted and ran along with the crazy traffic through technical sections. It paid off and riders were dropping and I could easily get past.

My Vittoria tubeless tires have been a great addition to the ride-ability of my bike, but their lack of tread proved to be disastrous! In the middle of the race there was not a turn I could confidently master — often slipping or falling!

I kept passing people and I really felt I did well. But I was sad to discover my name was 15th. After so much practice! Have I gotten any better? But I have, last year I would have been a DNF. But to add insult to my many injuries was my name getting bumped to 18th. Perhaps some muddy riders weren't counted. 

Overall I had a fun race, but my fun and glee was wiped away when Bridget had slid out and crashed on her head. Playing in mud puddles suddenly seemed very dangerous — taking away all the fun of running with scissors.

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