Friday, March 26, 2010

Top 5 Winter Training Crashes

1. The Ostrich in Alaska
Distracted by a dangerous truck passing, overlapped wheel with "Mottsy" or "Big Red." Front wheel went back and forth like a ping pong ball for a second before veering into the snowbank built up on the right hand side of the road. I can't save it! My front wheel abruptly stops vaulting me over the handlebars. I land straight on my head. Fortunately it was snow and just laid there for a sec looking like an idiot with my head buried. I was shaking snow oack out of my helmet for the next 20 minutes. "Next time I should keep a cooler head."

2. My wife was cross with me
January cyclocross ride through icy nature trails. I launch an attack and plan to turn left playfully losing Bjet. She is evidently stronger than expected and has my wheel. I bruise her hip in the crash. My bad.

3. Purple Rain
Riding a bit too slow in 35 degree rain for 3 hours. Made a joke about stopping at Branch Hill coffee and completely stripping off wet kit to warm up by their extremely powerful heater. Misheard by Bjet. She stops and turns only to be plowed into by moi. We both descend to the ground slowly. It was pretty undramatic, but I still yelped like a little girl while it happened.

4. Sandwiched
Bjet and I were riding our 29ers on a snow covered Loveland Bike Trail for hours of endurance riding. I hit an uphill snowdrift and skid onto my side. Unfortunately a line in the snow is the only line to follow and Bjet mirrors my mistake. Banged my knee on that one. Gotta love the snow though. Soft.

5. Eye of the Tiger
Doing hills in Clifton. Look back to find an escaped tiger on my back wheel. Go all Contador on him. But he stays in my draft. Reach top of hill and attack decent to gain speed. Basically I straddle my headset to get all aero. Look back and the tiger is still there! Turn left into zoo thinking maybe I can bunny hop into his pen and save the day. Look back again and he's gone. Look forward only to find myself heading into a cart of elephant dung. Gotta love the dung. Soft.

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