Thursday, March 18, 2010

What was my race weight again?!

I hate my genetic code. The generations of field hands and workers of North Western Europe adapted to gobbling up large meals to sustain them while they reaped, built and harvested. But my pansy white collar ass tends to store these carbs right in my gut.

Last year my ideal race weight was 145. I rode all through the holidays and limited my weight gain, and hovered around 148. But the past few weeks I dropped my guard and it has risen to about 150, sometimes flying up to 155! I have raised the fat content in my diet with more red meat intake, lighter chocolates and naughtier cooking oils and refined carbs.

Ugh. I know if I gain it that I might not lose it till next cross season. It's not a big deal but I do worry about those looming climbs of Cohutta and Mohican.

I will limit myself, returning to moderate drinking with more complex carbs and healthier fat and watching portion sizes.

So here is a trivia question.
Q: EPO thickens your blood allowing it to carry more oxygen, right? And following a healthy "Mediterranean" diet — drinking wine actually thins the blood and prevents inflammation. So does drinking wine hinder our performances?


  1. Ugh- you're so manorexic. I love/hate it.

  2. I know. It's cheaper than buying lighter bike parks. And I am not legally allowed to ride carbon fiber anymore.