Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cincinnati's Little Portland District

Last Friday Jenny the Jamis and I cruised around on a sunny lunchtime ride and I ended up at 5th and Race, a parking lot that on some days is transformed into Cincinnati's newest lunchtime dining district.

The N'Awlins Po Boy truck smelled divine, but the line was so long I opted for a nice and toasty brick-oven pesto pizza. I also fueled up with a lemonade from the Pretzel man. I've also had Señor Roy's taco truck, which was nice and delicious and muy authentico. I have yet to try Café de Wheels, which I heard have some killer burgers.

I get all nostalgic for past vacations to Portland and Austin. These trucks travel around but I think they end up there every Friday.

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  1. i loved the food carts in portland. glad to see these popping up in cincinnati