Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Messin' with Texas Pt 3: Hittin the Dusty Trails

Monday I took off early and rode 6 miles from my sis's place to Walnut Creek Metro Park. At first I just found a dirt path loop that was pretty lame. But after I crossed a creek I found a treasure trove of badass trails! I think there's over 11 mile of trails.

The cross bike handled most of it well except a few rooty short uphills but that could be operator error. At one point I was taking it easy, picking good lines for my fully rigid ride on a technical downhill, when I could hear a full-suspension disc braked wanker bearing down on me. I had already ridden this section so I just opened up a can of whoop ass on the climb and I never heard that dude again. I'll hit that trail up again!

Tuesday I went out for a long ride. I rode way out to Lake Travis via 2222 and 620 then down Bee Cave. A ton of hills! Great training. Unfortunately I thought they were going to be scenic and semi-rural but it was urban sprawl. Then I rode into the city and stopped for lunch at La Boite Café. I was chowing down on a chocolate brioche, almond croissant, a cookie and a latte when I met this guy from VendrTV, they make webisodes about street food. Badass.

After that I jumped back on Austin's public rec paths. They are a combination of gravel and a little pavement. The cross bike was a good choice! On public path even had some creek crossings! Crazy, the urban paths were more scenic and peaceful than my ride out. I got just over 4 hours in.

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