Sunday, February 13, 2011

Team Roadrash Spring Training Camp 2011

First 2-3 days, NEW ORLEANS!
This is our sweet hotel, called Hotel St James. I guess I like the sound of it...
I was inspired to revisit New Orleans after watching Anthony Bourdain's program. I've been there one before and I really loved it.

• Perhaps a quick ride when we check in?
• Dinner and Walk in French Quarter
The Old School Antoine's would be delightful!

• We better see a Mardi Gras parade! There are two on Sunday. We could even ride our bikes to one in Metairie.
Super long ride along the levee?
• Researching some bike rides,
We could do the most epic NoLa bike ride ever! It would feature a Mardi Gras Parade and a Plantation! For the ULTIMATE ride would include some po-boy stands, gumbo and étouffé.
Another dinner and walk in French Quarter.
Perhaps Cochon?

Early MTB ride?
There is a trail out west of NoLA.
There is also a rail-to-trail called Tammany Trace on the north side of Lake Ponchetrain.

My Brotha by anotha Mutha Michael said: japanese renditions of calypso tunes. not too traditional, but really good!

My Homie Holly said:
Magazine street - has wonderful antique stores. Not sure if that is your thing and you'll have to take a taxi to get there (10 minutes tops) but its so cool. Also walk on Royal street and check out the art galleries. Go get a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens then sip your drink and stroll around on Royal street, listen to the street players and check out the galleries. I love this city! If you want some authentic new orleans music that's away from bourbon street, try Frenchman street. I bet if you ask hotel, they can direct tell you who might be playing. I think one was called DBA. It's still in the French quarter.

go to the Napoleon house, get HALF(a full one is HUGE) a muffalatta and a PIMMS CUP to drink.A night cap? go to the Chart ROOM (not house) on Chartres.Its a locals bar, comfy, TOTALLY monty's style. For a mid morning drink(im not kidding) g...o to the gazabo(down by the flea market and Cafe du mon) and get a frozen pina colada. now ,let me be clear,i dont normally do this or even drink these, but its creamy, coconutty, pineapplely, stupid good. circle bar( dark and hip), at lee circle(late nite), Get on the St Charles streetcar,you can get there that way, then continue uptown to Delminico( emerils place, i used to work there KILLER food) Igors bar( a MUST!!) one block below Jackson on St Charles.Camillia grill is one of the oldest(and coolest) diners left in our country.i strongly suggest this as well, and meat eaters, get the cannible special, its to "dye "for, ouch, sorry. to get there you take the streetcar the same way youve been going

My Cuz Michelle said:
K Pauls Louisiana kitchen for dinner! OMG. It is the best meal u will ever have. Get something with the Debris sauce,
Cafe du Monde for bengeigs and cafe au latte.

My friend Susan said:
Comida de cubano. French quarter, great authenic cuban food; wonderful family that runs the place.

One last brunch in New Orleans then head to Austin!

Here are some posts from my trip last year.

• Early ride and recon of City?
A South Congress Gastro Crawl!
• Big Top Candy Shop
• Vespaio
• South Congress Cafe
• Guero's
• Perla's
• Food Trucks!
• Amy's Ice Cream

Urban Spoon Austin

Bike Routes and Rides Info
Cycling Info Page, but can't find maps
Maps from UT
Some City Bike Routes
Austin Bike Associtation Hosted Bike Rides
Mountain Biking
> I might check out the Walnut Creek Metro Park near my Sis's apartment at 12138 N Lamar Blvd.
> The Barton Creek Green Belt seems to have both a paved path and off-road trails! Sweet.
> The Emma Long Park seems to be chockful as well and about a half hour away.

Head to San Antonio.

Brewery Tour?
• There's Black Star
• There's 512
NxNW near my Sis!

Man, I got to get to Torchy's and I really love the Dig and Duck Pub!

Handbuilt Bike Show!

Pick up a bunch of goodies at the Farm to Market store for trip home!

Leaving Austin. I want to stop by Puddin Hill Chocolate in Greenville, Texas. I went there last year before Easter and it was fun to watch an Easter Egg hunt. Also, Ramage Farm in Hooks, Texas has great barbecue and a quaint country general store!

We'll be sleeping in Memphis. Maybe we'll catch a country show at a bar. Some ideas for food from the Travel Channel.

Hopefully Sunday AM catch some brunch and look in the windows of Hatch Show Print.

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