Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Athletic Supporters

Photo by Jeffrey Jakucyk

I was still recovering from John Bryan, so when Bridget mentioned we could ride to Big Dave's MainStraße Crits I jumped at the offer. We also got to check out the Women and the Top Men back in June at the Madiera Crit. Crits are so fun, I automatically pretend I am in Europe/Belgium and search out some beer and just watch the action. The other night I was so geeked to be there that we went to a German food place on MainStraße. In Germany it can be a hearty meal that feels like Mom made it from fresh ingredients. In the States German food is reduced to slop. Ugh. I miss you Deutschland!

Holga pic I shot in the first corner of the 3/4 Men's Crit. Tried to get Butch in frame too but I shot a bit early!

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