Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bad night!

All I wanted to do was practice cyclocross... Last summer I made sure come July I would practice every couple of weeks. I lost track this year so I was ready to start rehearsing the dance moves.

You see, I am naturally clumsy. Without cross practice I tend to trip over my own feet. And that's what happened last night.

First I was going to head to Kings to practice. Then I felt guilty about my poor puppy so I decided to run her around on the bike then do my neighborhood practice. Kona and I were riding some trails but I was totally clumsy and nearly fell off a small cliff and I endo'd over a small, bunny-hoppable branch. Then I crashed on asphalt scraping myself up and scuffing my brand new white bartape...

Then it happened. I was riding through a field and a stick went up in my derailleur and tore it off. I seriously felt like crying. I was miles from home without a chain tool. Ugh, a beautiful evening ride with my pooch was ruined. I hope my bad luck will end soon.

Oh well, she kind of cheered me up by playing with a cicada. What a character!

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