Sunday, October 16, 2011

Race #105, Caught by the short and curlies

A beautiful day in Bloomington! I was just starting to find my groove in the race when my front tubie went flat! I may have caught a thorn during the race or perhaps even before the race.

So after making an inept wheel change I got back out there but I couldn't resist grabbing some dollars from Shamrock Cycle's guru Tim and a chocolate chip cookie from some little girls in the sandpit. I took a bite and stuffed the rest with the money down the front of my skinsuit. It made an interesting photo once I unzipped after the race.

Nice fall weather! And the BioWheels dudes hit Bloomington's Uphill Brewery for some beer and a bite. Bjet and I got to carpool with BioWheels newest Cat 3 Dan, who tore up the Cat 4s. It was nice to have a new friend on a very long car trip.

Although I had another bad day, it was wonderful to see Bjet return to form as she took 3rd place overall and 2nd in the Elite Women's Open.

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