Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Cross-mas

A group of us met up at Kings, but there wasn't a large of a crowd as we imagined plus the ground was extremely wet. We originally planned to race, but we rode around for an hour and a half chasing each other and having fun. Wow, my legs aren't used to slogging through mud. They're getting soft not racing the past few weeks.

Dude, I saw Rogue's Jason Cox ramp/bunny hop over a tree that was over a foot and half tall. He was on a mountain bike but still, I am too chicken to try. Do you think he could teach me skills? I hope Santa brings me rad skills...

Merry Christmas! May you all get all the sweetest carbon fibers thingies your hearts desire.

The day before I used some of my time off work to go for a fun hill ride around the East Side. My riding time was cut short due to a flat — but I was able to revisit a lot of my favorite climbs that I haven't ridden much since training for Mohican.

I was a bit of a naughty boy and I grabbed a slice of chocolate cake and blueberry cobbler from Milford's Main Cup, I used them as a gourmand's version of a power bar during the ride.

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