Saturday, December 3, 2011

Race #113: Slipping and Sliding into Bronze

Today was the sloppy Midwest Regional Masters and Juniors Championships at Kings. It wasn't muddy all over, just bogs and puddles that would suck down your wheels.

Actually I had a really good start, I was super happy. But I didn't get to pre-ride the entire course or watch the previous race. I should have rolled around and observed the most efficient ways to tackle the course. So it cost, after my great start I tried to ride a muddy section and got stuck in the mud! My zip code nemesis and buddy Jason flew by me running.

Fortunately my teammates Joe and Jaden pitted for me. I brought my 28 lb mountain bike. It was soooooo heavy! But I would only ride it at half lap intervals while they cleaned up the ole Redline. I never pitted before, and my first pit I caught my crotch on my mtb seat! Very embarrassing! I hope everyone got a laugh!

So my teammate Gersy was having a killer ride. I kept sliding and falling like an idiot, he was breathing down my neck. In the end I barely beat him, I wish we both could have made the podium. He was truly stronger today but the bike changes did help.

Very happy my parents got to see me get on the podium. Unfortunately my Dad started smoking again and there was a very Belgian moment where he was smoking next to the barriers... Geez! Very gross!

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