Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Till Blogposts Do Us Part

I'd like to announce that Bjet, my lovely wife and the person who inspired me to get off my tuchus and start exercising, will be joining me on the blog. She started her blog years ago and I started mine out of mimicking her.

Bjet has been racing on and off since she was 18 years old. She was a scrawny lil vegeterian girl with piercings and dyed hair riding her mountain bike to her job at Penn Station Subs. On the weekends she would go on trips with the BioWheels team to crazy 24 hours races like Big Bear.

In 2002 we both bought mountain bikes (hers being a race worthy machine), and that next year she came back to racing and has been hitting it pretty hard ever since. Last year was "an off year" where she didn't train as hard — but she still did the Mohican 100k, a fair amount of mountain bike races and a great cross season where she finished 2nd in the OVCX.

I'm excited to infuse her opinions and experiences as a female racer into the blog. Bjet also has a lot of valuable knowledge in nutrition, she is currently the nutrition buyer for the Fleet Feet running store in Blue Ash. I've imported her old blog into mine, and you can find her old posts here: Bjet posts.

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