Thursday, February 16, 2012

CommuteVille Rendez-Vous

I like my commute. I ride from Madisonville on the East Side to Downtown Cincinnati. It's 10-12 miles depending upon my route. I can find some gravel, hills, scenic overlooks or just do a very flat time trail depending upon my mood.

So last night I really wanted to get some miles in, and to put myself through the grinder. So I hit every hill I could think of between my office and home. First I rode up Liberty Hill and Boal Street, then Mount Adams Hills, then hills like Kemper and Collins making my way over to the Alms area, up the 16% wall of Alpine and up to Delta and Ault Park hills.

Man, I fell rough. I was pretty slow but I am still kind of in my post World Championship base period. It was nice to stretch the ride to 30 miles and I rode 4,000 feet of elevation. Not bad for a Wednesday night! I think this is the most elevation I have ridden in a long time!

I was worn out so I went home and ate some Vegan black beans and quinoa, and sweet potato hummus. I kind of looked like the character in the Triplets of Belleville. Then I fell asleep...

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