Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Races #150-152: Jimmy Vs. The Pros (Part 1)

So I know I am not the hot shizz, I went into this assuming I was going to get pulled. BUT... wow, I was hoping to stay in a bit longer! These guys are really, really fast!

Race #150: Cyclo-Stampeded
4 Laps, 0:27:00, 37 out of 46, pulled 7 laps down
My first pro race! Yay?

I was warming up on my trainer before the race when Ben Berden came over to watch the women start. He turned around and looked at me. I idolize him, but definitely think he looks like he could eat me for supper. I didn't make eye contact because I was so scared!

I started out okay. I avoided some tangle ups. The course was tough, a lot of climbing and it was starting to hurt. I was tailgunning chase group on the second lap when my chain bounced off going downhill. That stunk. Then I was in no-man's land, suffering, looking like pooh, getting heckled. I felt so bad out there, I get like I was fighting with the bike all lap and when my friends did cheer for me I was embarrassed because I felt like I was riding poorly.

I was so upset when they pulled me. I was pedaling around trying to cool off, I was trying not to barf and I was definitely holding back tears!

This is going to sound weight weenie but I wondered later if the Redline would have been a smarter choose since it is a few pounds lighter. It felt like there was 1,000 feet of climbing per lap.

Race #151: Magic in the Mud
5 laps, 0:34:00, 40 out of 47, pulled 5 laps down
I dreaded going to this race. I am not a mudder. But my teammates Strecker and Karwash talked me into it. Night race? In the Pros? WHY NOT!

Bjet got me on the trainer, she was awesome enough to bring all my gear! She made me focus and I had a great warmup on the trainer.

I was pretty pissed about the day before. I was determined not to be an embarrassment again, but worried I would look like a cat 4 in the mud.

It's pretty crazy to see your idols on the start line right in front of you. Well, something sparked. We started as I hung in there. I lost some places, but then I started gliding over the mud!

My friends were out in full force! Everyone was cheering for me so much, I bet I had more fans than Ryan Trebon! You guys really lifted my spirits! I couldn't help but smile at the signs and disco Stu! So many times the cheers would drive me forward and I picked up spots immediately!

That night felt magical. I felt so lucky to have all of you cheering for me! I was pretty psyched and felt like I put up more of a fight.


Race #152: Hopeless at Harbin
3 laps, 0:29:00, 50 out of 55, pulled 5 laps down
I wanted this to be my race. Last year I set up the course, got very little sleep but still had my best result ever in the 2/3 race, placing 17th after coming back from a back row start.

Well, I felt like pooh! Only 3 hours of sleep, tons of labor and no recovery from the other races.

I started out okay again, but at some point I think I blew up a little. I lost that last wheel and I was DFL! I was trying hard, but I didnt have any power. I almost gave up and DNF'd, a kind of "spiritual wreck" on lap 2. But I decided to relish the moment. I didn't joy lap, I kept hustling hoping to pip one spot, but alas, I was the lanterne rouge!

The interesting thing is that statistically the Devou CycloStampede was my best race. I finished slightly higher in the field. It just felt that much worse! Although, I think I did beat more "finishers" at Kings and there were more DNF at Devou due to mechanicals and wrecks.

Once again, thank you to everyone who cheered for me! It was truly memorable. And thank you to my darling Bjet for supporting me so much!

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