Monday, April 8, 2013

1/3 as important as a car?

These signs went up on the trail about a year ago and I would get so angry because I could not tell what the hell they are! Am I 1/3 a person because I ride a bike? Another internet site commented: "My guess about the sign is that it means bikes are only 1/3 of the traffic on the multi use trail. There's about 3 of them between Newtown and Loveland, Ohio, on the the Ohio to Eerie trail. I just started noticing them in late summer."

Well, they are our Ohio State bike route signs. They work. They are just a bit generic. My only thought is to really own the shape of our lovely state, similar to our road signs. I like the green, feels eco and not as serious as a road sign. I like the bike symbol but maybe there is a way separate the numeral from the bike, right now they kind of read as equal. And my only other comment would be to use two signs on a shared path — similar to roads.

But this is a moot point now. They have been produced and it costs a lot of money to replace them. Plus I might be the only one offended!

I thought of this post as I browsed the internet and found these lovely posters from San Francisco showcasing their bike route signs.

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