Thursday, April 11, 2013

Always stop at the Overlook

As many of you know I practice "Joie de Vivre" cycling. Why ride if you're not having fun? I consider climbing "fun, " as in that it is a challenge. It is a metaphor for life. We face an obstacle and through hard work and determination we attempt to overcome the obstacle.

But here's my thing. If I'm going to do all that work, I might as well reap the rewards. So I almost always stop. Perhaps at the least it is a momentary slowing and gandering to reflect upon the view.

Many mornings before work I stop at Eden Park's Twin Lakes overlook and have a bit of a stretch, some coffee and embrace the new day. Some days it is the last moment of calm before the busy work day.

So let's have some fun and take some time to smell the roses. Do any of you have favorite places to stop?

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