Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bike to Work Week!

Photo of a photo by Chrissy B, capturing my red/white/black commuter get-up.

It's Bike Month again. The Giro is happening. And I'm getting ready for another Mohican and the first year of the 6 Hours Series.

Doing lots of rides. Last year I got hooked on a podcast from London called The Bike Show. He had the writer Lionel Birnie on recently and he is urging cyclists to attempt their own Grand Tours.

So I am tackling my Giro di Jimmy—trying to ride everyday until the Giro ends. Unfortunately I got a bit sick last week and I missed out on an epic Century with my teammate Gers. It was a reminder of how tough those races are and if one were to attempt the same, to race everyday for 3 weeks, how amazing the winners really are!

Anyway it IS bike-to-work week. I look back on my own history as a cyclist and I really owe some gratitude to commuting. Commuting was a real sea change for me—I rode more and got faster and became a stronger racer.

So I want to urge my fellow racers to give it a try. And I want to urge anyone to just to try commuting—cut back on your carbon and get some increased fitness. I think you will like it, it can be a rather relaxing way to get around. And if you live on the East Side of Cincy and interested, I will be happy to be your commute sherpa!

I've been missing out on the cool commuter stations Queen City Bike has set up. Try to hit those up! QCB is very cool, and these use these stations to count numbers of commuters.

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