Friday, May 31, 2013

Domestic Domestique

This year I didn't really have any goals for Mohican. I just wanted to ride with Bridget and made sure she had fun. But now she is bailing on the 100 miler due to minor injuries.

I took my Strava data from last year. I might write these numbers on my bike so I have a lil bee in my bonnet during the race.

Here are my approximate splits from 2012:
To Aid Station 1 (20mi): 1:57/10.26mph split/10.26 avg, took about 3 min: A lot of trail
To Aid Station 2 (34mi): 1:32/9.13mph/9.5 avg, took 4 min messing with Infinit, more trail than I remembered
To Aid Station 3 (46mi): 1:04/11.25mph/9.82 avg, took 4 min
To Aid Station 4 (72mi): 1:52/13.33 mph/10.96 avg, last fill up, about 3 minutes
To Aid Station 5 (88mi-ish): 1:29/10.79 mph/10.67 avg
To Finish (93mi-ish): :32/9.33/10.79 avg

Overall I was 43rd/166 with a time of 8:37:09 about an average speed of 11mph.

I guess try to go faster right?

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