Saturday, July 12, 2008

DINO Muscatatuck AMBC

Well the DINO race is almost always muddy. I don't know why that is, it seems like for the past few years a T-Storm rolls in a few days before the race but it dries out just enough to be rideable yet still incredibly sloppy.
My husband James went with me to the race which was nice of him considering it was hot and humid. I'm sure he would have much rather been grilling out/drinkin beer on the 4th of July weekend.
I got off to a pretty bad start coming in like mid-pack into the woods. It wasn't that I couldn't handle the intensity of the start but there was very little room to maneuver before hitting the tight singletrack. The next two laps I was chasing down the other 5 women. James was giving me the time splits and I could see some of the women through the woods. With each lap I had cut down their lead. Eventually I caught Heather from Indiana at the last mile or two. I rode her wheel waiting for the right moment when she got some nasty chainsuck or something and I rode past her for 4th.
It was a good race for me. I was only a few minutes back on some pro women so I'm super psyched for the rest of the season.

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