Monday, July 28, 2008

Touring London

Sunday was a marvellous day in London and I hired a bike for about 4 and a half hours to tour the West End area. It was really incredible to see the monuments and Palaces the Empire had created but it was also wonderful to peek into the lives of Londoners as friends took to the parks to relax on the weekend.

Riding in the city was incredible and I felt totally safe. I felt as long as I respected traffic they would respect me. The toughtest thing was balancing trying not to run over things and not hit people while sightseeing and trying to keep track of directions! As you can see I did a lot of backtracking.

One thing I did not know about London is that there is a canal network running through it! There is one junction called Little Venice. It is very quaint!

Map of the Ride!


  1. I picture you re-enacting the Rockford Files opening sequence except you're on a bike and wearing skinny jeans.

  2. Jamesie,

    I hope you were wearing a helmet!