Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost Match Fit

Today I ran two relay legs of the Flying Pig, it came out to about 12.83 miles. It took me about an hour and forty minutes.

1st Leg, 6.84mi, 1:17:11, 11:17 per mile
My 2nd Leg, 5.16mi, 41:50, 8:06 per mile
My 3rd Leg, 7.67mi, 1:01:54, 8:04 per mile
4th Leg, 6.55mi, 1:12:46, 11:06 per mile

My personal total: 12.83mi, 1:43:44, 8:05 per mile avg pace
My Est. Half Marthon Time: 1:46
My Est. Marathon Time: 3:33

It is weird how I perceived my run. I felt great, I know I flew up some hills. But I felt like I blew up in the second leg. Maybe it was the last 2 miles... I started cramping a little and I could feel all my little muscle fibers tearing apart. I wonder how fast I was running before that. It is nice to see I have a consistent race pace of about an eight-minute mile.

Running that distance finally accomplished something I have been dreaming about for three years. Ever since the 2006 World Cup I have always wanted to be able to run 90 minutes. I would often daydream about Franck Ribery while jogging around my neighborhood — the "Moped" is my power animal!

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