Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smiling through the mud

Bridget, Jacob, Jeni and Scott from Seven Hills and I went down to Dirt, Sweat and Gears this year. It was nice to get out and camp and hang with some friends. The preride was pretty fun, minus Bridget's flat tire. I was riding a borrowed Gary Fisher full-suspenion mountain bike. It made a lot things more ridable and the geometry made descending a lot easier, I wasn't leaning over the front wheel as much.

I guess overnight it rained a little. And then a thunderstorm struck just before our Le Mans start. I bridged up to Bridget as the pack raced through the infield. I felt my back tire sliding out a lot in the slippery corners but I tried to hold her wheel. But alas my luck ran out and I went down losing many spaces.

I enjoyed riding through the woods in the rain and for some reason the thunder strikes didn't bother me. But the spaces I lost cost me and I ended up behind a lot of riders that could not ride up the slippery climbs. Once I got past these riders I had a lot of fun and I think I was even able to ride for a continuos five minutes. I really had a blast on the first lap.

But hours later the course's condition deteriorated immensely. The trail's mud became thicker and full of grass and rocks. I tried to go out for a second lap but I found once I hit these sections the bike I was riding became extremely heavy and the wheels jammed and would not turn. I gave up. I wish I were tough enough to soldier on but I feared I would get into a bad place emotionally and be stranded on the trail for hours destroying a bike that I didn't even own.

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