Monday, May 18, 2009

Notes from Portland, pt1

"YOU'RE UGLY!" the homeless woman spat at me as I told her I did not have change.
"I get it from my Mother (sorry mom)" was the quickest, self-deprecating comeback I could muster.
If you don't believe me, as Leah Frank-Finney. She was there. I don't know how.

Hopped on the Light Rail. Bike hooks in the train car, a couple of bikes with downtube shifters. One is a Bianchi with some Super Record components. Wow. Tattoo sleeves...

Delicious lunch at H50 in hotel lobby. Hotel and bistro are clean, posh and affordable... Salmon roll, vietnamese sammy and a couple of local brews. Nice ambient music, kind of like Six Parts Seven but better.

Saw tall bikes... Check.

Set out to discover mystical city of books.

Dude from Everclear playing in public park. Yes he is still living with your ghost...

Ate a "Vertigo" crêpe. Spontaneously purchased a crêpe from a street vendor attempting to relive a moment in Paris, much like Jimmy Stewart attempts to recreate a relationship with same/different woman in a Hitchcock classic. Funnier in my head.

Pearl District seems pretty awesome. Found Powells. Two well stocked racks of bike books. C in my P... Got plenty of books for our new nieces and nephews. Saw some cute children's authors like Joëlle Jolivet and another that led me to this pretty blog.

Ate dinner at this awesome cinema and bistro names Livingroom Theaters. Italian Sodas. Listened to a song by Clock Hands Strangler on SOMA FM. Spicy Tuna roll and a salad. Yum. Cool indie movies playing and the interior design almost makes me faint.

Went across the street to the Ace Hotel where a yummy eatery and ordered an americano.

This city is my mecca. Beer, bikes, architecture, culture... I am feeling so inspired.

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  1. Jimmy, this post should be added to the Valentine script.