Saturday, July 25, 2009

Need more POWER!

This has been a tough month. I've taken a few breaks off the bike and lost a bit of what little top end power and endurance I had. So I decided to borrow Bridget's power meter for the first time.

For the past few years Bridget and I have used a moderate hill call Kuglar Mill as test of form. So after a 78 mile ride with my friend Tony I thought I would climb Kuglar Mill to chart where I am at in form and power. It isn't tough, but the 3-5% gradient pushes you to maintain a high speed and you eventually grind yourself into the ground.

Hopefully as my shoulder heals and I get more time on the bike and begin to train for cyclocross I will see progress and a return to the form I had earlier in the season. I will track my progress on the blog, as well as my attempt to break Bridget's supposed 7:15 record.

I want to thank my échappé homies Bridget, Joe & Rachel, Tony, Jaden and Scott for the many group miles this month. Usually group rides only make up 10% of my training, but this month it has been over half. Thanks for the company!


  1. de nada. Jimmy you got plenty of power. You should hit Kugler Boogler with fresher legs than after a 70 mile ride and you'll bang that thing out way faster. While the long group rides are fun, time to start cutting back the ride times/hours and narrow the focus to shorter and harder with more rest between. Sprinkle some skill/speed work in there in a few weeks and you'll be golden come CX race day.

  2. Merci! Je respire tant que J'attque!
    I vow to destroy Bridget's time...

    Actually Kuglar Mill Hill repeats serve as a good CX practice — kind of like hard CX laps.