Monday, July 6, 2009

Pimp my Cross Bike

Thinking about tricking out my cross bike for next year. My bike currently weighs 21-22 lbs and has a lot of entry-level components. Here is what I plan:

– Ritchey Biomax II Handlebar / 240g
– Ritchey Road Comp Stem / 180g
– Ritchey Road 27.2 x 350 Seatpost / 225-240 g
– Ritchey Comp DS Road Wheels
– Redline R6 Alloy Fork
– Shimano Tiagra Shifters
– Tektro Oryx Brakes / 162g per wheel
– FSA Cranks with BB / 900g - 1060g
– Ponza Saddle / 225-230g

– Ritchey Carbon Fiber Fork / 449g?
– Thompson Elite Masterpiece Seatpost / 158g
– Bontrager Race Lite White Stem / 115g
– Double chain guard with single chain ring (probably a 39)
– New Shifters (Brake only on left, DuraAce on right)
– One Cross brake (on left side but brakes rear due to cabling miracle)
– Lighter, better spinning bottom bracket
– White Bontrager RXL Saddle / 180g
– New white Fizik bartape / yummy

– New cranks perhaps? Bridget has used Ritchey Cranks but I heard we are ordering in some lightweight Bontrager cranks at the Trek Store.

– I would also love to build up a wheel set or buy some Mavics, but I may be out of dough. Perhaps I should jsut rock my Shimano Ultegra wheelset for Races and train on the Comps that came with the bike.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions!


  1. Jimmy. I'd make the wheels the priority over components. Then hit it up with some light cranks, like some carbon Sram Force action. Then if you have any bones left over, pick away at the little stuff like stems and seatposts.

  2. missed the part about the fork. Yeah ditch that boat anchor for the carbon ritchey. Then wheels. Then cranks. Then I'd go for the stuff you touch. bar tape, saddle, shifters.

  3. Cool thanks. You're right. I started thinking about this a long time ago before I knew that wheels make a bike. At least I already have the fork and shifters!

    I think I can get a good deal on mavics.