Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Race #30: Freakin' Stars and Stripes Forever

I did it again! Somehow I held off the wolves or at least most of them.

I made had a great Thankgiving Break taking my Jamis road bike off-road tokyo driftin' through muddy park paths and hammering myself for hours. Evidently this was pretty stupid and my legs felt like total garbage before the "biggest" race of the year.

I knew I wouldn't get it but I dreamt about snuggling with that Ohio Champions jersey... It's so sexy.

So race goes like this: Whistle. Oh shit. Flying. Hit the hole in about 6th place. Let my bro Gerz get my place and held onto his wheel with my pinkie nail for a lap. Let CycleSport Dan have Gerz's wheel as I was about to puke. Then I fell off like Leonard DiCaprio in "Titanic." Peddled backwards... Tried to hold B1 Michael's wheel after he passed me but I promptly fell off and chased him for the rest of the race. Taunted Mark Farmer with jeers just so I wouldn't get bored and rolled across the line in 10th.

But somehow, even though my race wasn't inspiring or incredible I still held off like 30+ dudes behind me. Some of these guys would have had me for breakfast two months ago.

So this Thanksgiving I am extremely thankful for this silly hobby I do for fun. My cross season has surprised me and lifted my spirits with my three top 10 finishes in the crazy OVCX series and two wins in Capcity.

I raise my turkey leg to my homies Teri Meek (THE 2009 ELITE WOMEN OHIO CX CHAMP) who tore my legs off just the day before, Michael Chewning who bore is hairy ass chest as he crossed the line as CAT 3 OHIO CX CHAMP and to my new associate John Markstein who rode like he had wings.

And to Joe Bellante, because this is the second race he hasn't rode by me. Na na na na na na.


  1. got ya sunday in ky though didn't i? Nice riding mr james!

  2. Yes, I shouldn't have teased you. I awakened the beast!

    That was one of my worst races ever. Somehow kicked the stem out of my tire when I crashed?!