Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Races #33 & 34: CapCity 2009 Finale! Dreaming of a White Cross-mas

Sometimes when I explain cross I say it's like human nascar. Then the other person laughs... But I'm serious. Going as fast as possible in little loops, week after week for three months, battling out for points.

So somehow this Jimmy is like Jimmy Johnson! I didn't expect it but I got a couple wins and held on for the overall in points. I was really scared I would blow it in the last couple of races and crash or wreck and blow my points. But my luck held out!

So it snowed like crazy in Columbus. Like 2-3 inches of wet sloppy snow with mud underneath. The race was really crazy. I got a horrible start! Then slid off the singletrack and some thorns cut my chin. I only wiped out once but at times I wasn't riding my best due to exhaustion. Other sections I was really pround of my handling and felt like I made up time, like a crazy sidewinder rollercoaster section through some icey slush. But I worked my way up from the teens to finish 6th.

Bridget and I stayed in Columbus and had a great weekend trip. We went to the Elevator Brewery and got hammered for dinner and Northstar for breakfast. We met up with Farmer (my new BFF or Bike Friend Forever) and his wife Jen.

The CapCity Party at Tip Top was a blast. I ate a yummy pot roast and drank a lot, got hooked on these framboise lambics like some Belgian schoolgirl.'

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