Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally Coming out Hibernation

I missed a week of training due to lack of motivation! This is not typical of me. But Bridget was sick and I preferred to watch TV and movies with her instead of rolling on the trainer or running outside.

So on Bridget's Birthday I started getting a sore throat. Nothing a few beers out on the town wouldn't cure! The next day I felt worse, but the sun was shining and Teri and I hit the Gears 4 Beers Triple Blue Dot route. It was quite lovely! But it hit me! I got sick and lost another half week of training. I ended up with lungs full of mucus...

Finally got back on the bike and training like a mad man. I turned the BioWheels beatdown into a 4 hour plus base mile ride. It was great to train with a team, and I am really going to become a stronger rider trying to hang with these guys.

Sunday Bridget, Teri and I rode 3.5 hours in the cold rain — just a way of saying a huge FU to our stationary trainers.

I'm running again and my focus is on another Heart Mini. Right now I'm slow and my quads ache even after a 5k.

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