Monday, January 4, 2010

Jimmy's Goals for 2010

1. Overall Fitness and Strength

I began writing this in the midst of cross season, my body is really starting to feel the wear and tear. My back hurts, my gut is soft, my shoulder is sore and my knees feel like there are going to bend backwards. Some things are due to lack of excercise, others are due to overuse. Next year I want a freakin six pack. I want my left shoulder to feel normal again. I want to get rid of the back pain that I get from sitting in a desk too much.

One prescription is to maintain a consistent stretching and strength routine. Right now I tend to do it consistently here and there but I fall out of my routine after a couple weeks.

2. Smarter Training

I have to admit, I just love to jump on the bike and ride. I can ride all day and all night. I can ride up hills, faster than some and not as fast as others. But my Grandma can beat me in a sprint. In 2009 I did use certain intervals and workouts to make me stronger, but I often didn't know exactly what I was doing.

Just the same with heart rate. I track it but can't recall off the top of my head what my zones are and what I should be training in. I only know these zones: easy (100-120), burn the fat (130ish), lactic acid anyone? (150ish), Uphill (165) and Gassed (180).

I spoke with someone recently who constantly rides on the trainer doing very focused, intense workouts. I'm not sure if I can do that but perhaps I should give it a spin around the block. Last year I swore off the trainer and toughed in out in the cold like some Belgian Flahute Sadist and really liked it. We'll see.

3. Be a even a bigger Belgian Cyclocross Star Wannabe

I really want to hone the skills of cyclocross. I feel a lot of my success this year was due to my perception that a cross race is a 45 minute time trial against others. I am attempting to minimize wasted energy and effort through more efficient turning and handling, and taking my time through the different obstacles so that I do not exhaust myself.

With that said I realize there is a lot of room for improvement. When I watch more experienced riders they seem even more efficient and relaxed.

Prescription: Start some cross practice earlier (like July), more muscle memory and repetitive drills and a consistent running regime. Really make sure I nail a clean procedure for the various cyclocross techniques. Right now I bobble a bit too much and I know I double-dip my remount step.

4. Be a Kick Ass MTBer!

This was my first year as a racing mountain biker. I had my trials and tribulations — mostly due to lack of handling. I want to ride a lot more off road and get my skills up.

I plan to tackle a few Endurance events like the Cahutta 100, Mohican 100 and try to be more competitive at this year's 6 Hours of John Bryan. I like these endurance events because they really test your resolve.

As for the local MTB series, I am uncertain if I should try to get more competitive in the sport class or if I should move to elite and see how I do.

5. More fun and more group rides

I haven't been on the Saturday Morning Beatdown or River Rampage yet, and I didn't even make it to many Wednesday Night Group rides. I think doing one every week to two weeks will break up the monotony and I will learn more from other riders and be able to judge my own ability a bit better. I might try to organize a few myself.

I had loads of fun riding through Kentucky with Joe, Rachel and other Biowheels buddies — breaking me out of my boring routes on the trail and Indian Hill.

6. Being more involved in the cycling community

I wouldn't mind getting more people on bikes to improve fitness and quality of life. Everytime I see a sunset, sunrise or a beautiful glimpse of nature or wildlife I wish my friends and family were there too. I just love the freedom and

I also would like to turn others onto commuting and using the bike in everyday life, whether it's riding to work or running errands. I am excited that the cycling commuting in Cincinnati is growing and the roads may be crowded with cyclists in the next five years.

It would also be cool to help out any juniors in any way I can. Most of all I want to start making it to trail days and help build the local trails and help other local organizations like CORA, MOBO and the Cincinati Cycling Club.

7. Running

Last year I felt at times like my training for the Heart Mini and Half Pig really impaired my time on the bike. On the other hand I feel running made me a lot stronger. So perhaps don't commit to races that require so much training that I'm not on the bike, but use a consistent running routine to build my strength and fitness.

8. Higher W/Kg?!

I wouldn't mind trimming off a couple LBs and getting stronger. My current recorded values are: 5 sec = 826W or 12.5 W/Kg, 10 min = 232W or 3.5 W/Kg, 30 min = 216W or 3.27 W/Kg and 1 hour = 189W or 2.8 W/Kg.

This is kind of dorky...Like the headline from Bicycling...

9. A few more Road Races?

"Stopping! Slowing! Stopping!" Man, I hate the Cat 5's but I'll give it another chance. Maybe I'll try to cat up and do some road races and get into some crits.

10. Achieve a harmonious Riding and Life Balance

Okay, for the boring stuff. I rode so frequently this year that often found home projects and tidiness suffered. Also, Button needs a bit more excercise now that she is getting older. So I don't want to focus so much on cycling that my hobbies and home suffer — want to get back into my films and design. Maybe more rest days?

All play and no work sometimes!

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