Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Special! Localvore VeloFeuling!

It's no secret I love to eat. I used to be 205 pounds and fortunately cycling has allowed me enjoy a tasty bite and not completely curb my appetite. Here is a list of hip Cincinnati eats created by local crafters — they're better for you and reduce your carbon footprint (even more so when you peddle to get them).

I have had a super crush on Coffee Emporium for years. The owners roast their own beans, travel on vacation to meet the growers and make sure when they brew the coffee they pay respect to the product they worked so hard to create. Plus mochas are recovery drinks right? They also serve delicious soups (from Myra's, one of my old favs in Clifton), salads and sandwiches at their downtown roasting café.

Sugar in Milford has an incredible variety of cupcakes made with organic ingredients. I love how the owner gets the best quality ingredients and really makes great icing (not overly sugared or fatty) and untraditional flavors. Get there early, she sells out! Frida's in Madeira has incredible high-end indulgent deserts. I am so happy they are just outside of my bike shop! Chocolate LaTour are high-end chocolates for your sweetie. They are sold in Findlay as well as Park and Vine, Cincinnati's Mecca for Green-Bike-Riding-Foodies. DoJo Gelato at Findlay Market offers some very unexpected and delicious gelatos and sorbets. The Porkopolis bowled me over last year, it is Bacon in a Maple Gelato.

Shadeau Breads create hearty loaves that will provide substantial fuel for any cyclist. This is real bread — wonderful hard crust, nice round loaves and a wonderful texture. Taste of Belgium Waffles are truly delightful — very eggy, briochy batter that is speckled with crystalized sugar that creates a carmelization on the outside of each 5 inch disk of delight. Ohio City Pasta is a pasta maker from Cleveland (okay, some carbon emissions) that sells their at Findlay Market — they can supply you with unique flavors for carbo loarding.

You're only as fast as your bowels. Fabulous Ferments provide a variety of healthy, probiotic rich foods and drinks that keep you healthy and strong. They make delicious sauerkrauts — even inventing unexpected and delightful flavor combinations. They are make a beet kvass juice that makes me feel like Popeye.

I just learned about Rivertown Brewing Company, I better try them soon. Last year I discovered Mt. Carmel Brewing Company and I think I love them, they have a great IPA and Nut Brown. I can't wait to try their Blonde and Stout.

Park and Vine provides a list of local places to rent a video or practice Yoga. So throw on some skinny jeans and get ready for a date because Melt in Northside, Lavomatic in OTR, 20 brix in Milford and The Works Pizza in Loveland are some places to ride to for a nibble. Some of these places in Downtown will offer a 10% discount to cyclists (I think it starts in May).

I got inspired to write this because last year I made a local food basket for my Father for Father's Day and I rode my bike around collecting local delicacies.

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