Friday, April 9, 2010

Messin' with Texas Pt 4: Blazin' More Trails

I hit the trails again Wednesday. I saw a few classic signs you might be in Texas:
– Armadillo roadkill in the bike lane (should I be concerned?)
– Blue Bonnet flowers (pretty)
– Cacti (gnarly, Jimmy keep that wheel on the trail!)
– The leftover confetti carnage from Mexican Easter Eggs

Had a great training ride. About two and a half hours off road. I did this one trail called the "Serious Consequences Loop." There was this scary tight corner where if you missed the turn you could take a 20 foot drop into the limestone creek bed! I rode a bit better — minus a few bobbled technical climbs. One climb was 50 feet of rocks and roots. I told myself that it was okay because I was fully rigid but I still hate pushing the bike up climbs. I need to work on my punchy power.

I made one major error during the ride: I was riding in a slick limestone creek bed and I needed to jump up a 6 inch ledge to get out of the creek. Well, my front wheel slide along the edge and down I went. I scratch my carbon cross fork and landed on my bad left shoulder and banged my left elbow and knee on the limestone. I cursed for a minute and kept riding.

Later I did hill repeats on the Powerline Climb. I think it was a semi-long climb with a gradient that was in the teens. I was trying to get ready for Cohutta and Mohican, those races are putting the fear in me.

Getting a lot of great time on the bike this week. A lot of new scenery and soul riding was just what the doctor ordered.

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