Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Season Preview

I was planning on scaling back this year but racing is so fun I am having difficulty settling on only a handful of races. I wanted to scale back to mainly local races to save money for Bjet and my future house, car and travel expenses. Plus I heard this will be another crazy year for gas prices. Either way, I gotta get rid of the little belly I got after Christmas, check out that pic above, I look like a I just ate a suckling pig.

Running (for early season fitness and a change of pace)
– Heart Mini NEW 1/2 Marathon option, my first half
– May be interested in joining a relay team for 1 leg of the Flying Pig.

Time Trials (usually pretty cheap to enter and a great way to track your fitness):
– Harbin Park Winter MTB TTs
– Cleves TTs
– Harbin Park Summer MTB TTs
– Kings CX TTs

One Day Classics, i.e., Endurance Races:
– Sub-9 Death March with teammate Nate (for fun)
– Mohican 100 miler (while I am still stupid enough to ride 100 miles and spend 10 hours on a bike)
– 6 Hours of John Bryan
– 6 or 12 Hours of DINO
– Frankenbike 50
– Gravel Grovel

Mountain Bike Series:
– This summer I plan to focus on either the CORA or the OMBC series. It will depend upon my schedule, what Bjet wants to do and gas prices! That would be about 4-6 cross country races ranging from 25-30 miles a race.

– Focus on 8-10 OVCX races
– I may race the UCI3 and GPs (as Elite) based upon my license issues (still a 3, can I buy the UCI license or am I a fool?) and Bridget's sponsorship requirements. I like the idea of using these races as something to keep in the back of my mind whenever I throw a hurtin' on myself all year long. Don't want to make an ass out of myself. Although not doing them would save money for next year.

If I won the Lottery, Future Dream Race Seasons would include:
– Focus on the National Ultra Endurance series, doing Cohutta, Mohican, Lumberjack, Breckenride and High Cascades, using the race series to visit friends and family
– Focus on the USGP Cyclocross race series, traveling the country with the races visiting family
– Cat 1 UCI CX races in France and Belgium on a vacation
– Iceman Cometh
TransAlp Mountain Bike Stage Race, probably a bit safer than the South American options
– Beaing a Lead Man, doing Leadville mtb and running races
– Tour de Burg MTB stage race
– The Boone Binge stage race
German Cyclocross Stage Race?
– Or touring Rhine river along German biking paths
– Doing a Ironman Triathalon (might be an interesting change some day)

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